Please help me figure this out. I am desperate.

This dream perplexes me. For a little background, I am a 30s married woman with no kids. Any and all help is appreciated. I am going to be completely honest. In my dream I am in the basement of a house, that I do not recognize, in a bathtub that looks like a big square pool. It takes up pretty much the whole basement. The water is warm, clear, and I am relaxed. I’m so relaxed that I decide I would like to get a dildo. I open the door to get it and see water starts pouring in. I close it. I look and notice that the water is getting murky and rising very quickly. I put on a towel and open up the door and walk upstairs. I see water pouring down from the roof and I get wet in the process. I walk around the house looking to see how bad the leaks are. One part of the house has no leaks in it. The place that I see the most flooding is above where my mother stays. I rush to find her. Along the way there are strangers in this house. In particular, just men. Several of the men ask if I need help and I say no. Some of them cat call, since I only have a towel on. I run down several halls with distinctly themed rooms, none of which are recognizable. At the end of a hall I come across a small boy who asks if I need help and I politely tell him no. It is around this time that I see a room that is in between levels and I see my mother laying on the bed, in a blanket, talking on the phone. She tells the person that she is on the way and heads out the door. As she is exiting I call out to her. She turns to me, smiles, and says for me to be careful because there are a lot of people out there. I tell her about the flood and to be careful. She does not look worried. I continue downstairs and that is where my dream ends. I have never so badly wanted to know what a dream of mine meant until this one. I’m actually kind of worried, especially since I never really dream about my husband.

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  1. hey, nice details!
    maybe the house is you and the leaks are your attempts to hide the fact that you want to experiment with your sex life outside of your marriage?

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